Kumpulan Soal "Reading Comprehension" Procedure Text

                    Meat Floss Porridge

250 cc hot water
50 grams instant porridge
1 spoon soya sauce
1 spoon chilli sauce
10 grams meat floss

Suggested Preparation:
1. Put instant porridge into a bowl
2. Pour 250 cc hot water, stir well. Leave it for about 3 minutes until the porridge thickens
3. Add soya sauce and chilli sauce (as much as you like)
4. Then, spread crackers and meat floss. The porridge is ready to be served.

The text above is for no. 1-3
1. How much instant porridge do you need to make the meat floss porridge?
    a.  250 cc          b.  50 grams          c.  1 spoon          d. 10 grams

2. What should we do after stirring the porridge?
    a.  put the instanbt porridge into bowl                         
    b.  add soya sauce and chilli sauce      
    c.  add crackerrs and meat floss
    d.  wait for about 3 minutes

3. " ... until the porridge thickens"
    What is the meaning of the underlines word?
    a.  become solid     b.  get weak     c.  raise the volume     d.  become powder

                    Crisp Roast Duck

1 long island duck
1 tablespoon salt
2 cups boiling-hot water
1 teaspoon black pepper

1.  Put oven rack in the middle position and preheast oven to 200 degree C
2.  Rinse duck inside and out. Prick skin all over with sharp fork
3.  Pour boiling-hot water over duck (to tighten skin). Cool duck
4.  Rub duck inside and out with salt and pepper
5. Roast duck, breast side up, until skin is brown and crisp, then remove from the oven

The text above is for no. 4-5
4.   What is the text about?
      a.  the instructions to prepare crisp roast duck               
      b.  what is needed to make some food      
      c.  the steps to make a delicious food
      d.  how to make crisp roast duck

5.  What do we need to prick the skin of the duck?
      a.  salt               b.  a sharp fork               c. black pepper               d.  boiling-hot water

Making Candles

     Making coloured and scented candles is really quick and simple. 
What’s more, you’ll save so much money. If making candle is easy, why do you ever buy one from the shop? 
What do you need in making candle are wax, moulds, wick, dye discs, essential oils, and a double boiler. 
All these materials are available from craft shops. Or if you do not want to buy them, you can improvise 
with an old saucepan, pyrex jug, or even a sturdy can, in a pot of water.
     After providing the materials, follow this procedure or instruction in making candles!
1. First of all, melt the wax. All wax has a lash point, so
    to prevent it bursting into flames, you must melt it in
    a double boiler with water in the bottom of the pan
2. Then prepare the mould with the wick. Thread the
    wick through the mould and make sure that you
    leave a good few centimeters sticking out of the hole
    in the bottom
3. After that, add the scent. If you want a scented
    candle, add a few drops of essential oil to the melted
    wax. You can use any essential oil you like as long as
    it doesn’t contain water
4. Next step, pour the wax into the mould. Try and tip
    the wax into the mould quickly, all in one go, to
    minimize spillage and air bubbles. Then release the
    bubbles and top it up. Releasing the air bubbles will
    eventually make the candle sink, so you will need to
    top it up with more melted wax
5. Finally, remove it from the mould. After four or five
    hours, the candle can be taken out of its mould. Your
    candle is now ready for display. Remember, you
    must always leave it for a day before lighting it

The text above for question no 6-8

6.   What should you do after melting the wax?
      a.  release the bubbles and top it up
      b.  pour the melting wax into the mould
      c.  remove the melting wax from the mould
      d.  prepare the mould with the wick

7.   Where can you buy the materials for making candle?
      a.  at the handicraft shop              c.  at the supermarket
      b.  at the craft shop                       d.  at the stall

8.   “…., so to prevent it bursting into flames you….”
      The word “bursting” means …
      a.  exploding                                   c.  satisfying
      b.  melting                                       d.  becoming

                    Turkey Kebab

Cubes of the lamb
Squares of green pepper
Seasoning mixture

1.  Cut onions into quarters
2.  Put cubes of the lamb, squares of green pepper and onions squares on bamboo 
     skewers and marinate them in seasoning.
3.  Grill them
4.  Serve them with a salad (curry like seasoning from India)

The text above for question no 9-10
9.  "Grill" them. The underlined word means ...
      a.  burn               b.  fry               c.  bake               d.  light

10.  How maqny ingredients are needed to make Turkey Kebab?
       a.  three               b.  four               c.  five               d.  six

Making a Simple Kite

-  two sticks of bamboo ( 1 m long)                   -  glue
-  light but strong string                                       -  a brush
-  a large piece of rice paper                             -  paint
-  a pencil               

1.  Smooth down the two sticks with a knife
2.  Mark the centre of sticks A. Place it with its centre
     on stick B
3.  Tie the two sticks tightly with a piece of string
4.  Cut a long piece of string. Tie it to each end of the
     two sticks to make the frame of the kite
5.  Tie a piece of string around one end of stick A.
     Stretch the string to the other end of stick and tie it
     tightly there too. The frame is now finished
6.  Place the frame on a piece of papee and copy its
     shape. Leave about 2 cm all around
7.  Put some glue on the edges of the paper. Fold the
     edges over the string of the frame and press down
     to glue the paper to the frame
8.  Then paint and decorate your kite. When the paint
     is dry, make the bridle of the kite
9.  Cut a piece of string about 150 cm long. Tie one end
     to the point where the two sticks cross. Then, tie the
     other end to the bottom of the kite
10.Make a tail for the kite from strips of paper and glue
     it to the bottom of the kite. Finally, tie a piece of
     string about 100 m long to the bridle. This is the
     string you use to fly the kite

The text above for question no 11-13
11. What does the text talk about?
      a.  a simple kite                               c.  two sticks of bamboo
      b.  steps to fly a kite                       d.  how to make a kite


Curried Rice

*1 cup uncooked rice                         *1/2 chopped onion
*2 tablespoons butter                        *1/2 cup raisins
*1 teaspoon curry powder                 *2 cups water

1. Find a large saucepan or frying pan which has a lid,
    place on a medium
2. Heat, add butter, and then add chopped onion. Cook
    the onion for a couple of minutes until it starts to
    brown slightly
3. Add curry powder stir with onions for a minute
4. Add raisins, rice and water
5. Put on lid and simmer until water is absorbed (about
    15 minutes)   

The text above for question no 14-16
14. What does the text tell you about?
      a.  how to get curried rice
      b.  how to buy curried rice         
      c.  how to make curried rice
      d.  how to find curried rice

15. How many minutes should we cook the onion?
      a.  a minute                                     c.  three minutes
      b.  two minutes                               d.  four minutes

16. “Add curry powder stir with onions …. “
      The underlined word has the same meaning with …
      a.  mix a liquid substance              c.  move something
      b.  put into                                       d.  reduce something

The next day you’re feeling a little overheated, create your own gentle, cooling breeze with a fantastic paper pan.
What you’ll need:
- construction paper
- scissors
- transparent tape or stapler and staples
- pastel chalks or markers
The Steps are:
First:  Cut a 6x12-inch piece of construction paper. Draw a picture on the paper using pastel chalks or markers. Draw pretty butterflies, yummy birthday cakes, or stars in a deep blue sky
Second:   Fold the paper back and forth in a fanfold. To start the fanfold, fold one end over about one inch. Turn the paper over and fold the end up. Continue folding the paper in accordion-like pleats.
Third:   Staple or tape the folds together at one end to hold it in place. Make bigger fans to decorate your room

The text above for question no 17-18
17. What will you do after folding the paper back and forth?
      a.  fold one end over about two inches
      b.  fold one end over about one inch
      c.  fold the paper end up
      d.  fold the paper in accordion-like pleats

18. What is the purpose of the text?
      a.  information how to get paper fan
      b.  information how to use paper fan
      c.  information how to keep paper fan
      d.  information how to make paper fan

Mushroom Soup

*12 ounces mushroom                    *1½ teaspoon salt
*4 eggs yolks                                      *6 tablespoon cream
*½ teaspoon grated nutmeg           *¼ teaspoon pepper
*2 tablespoon chopped parsley      *butter
*2 pints chicken stock
1. Prepare mushrooms and place in a frying pan with
    melted butter
2. Cover and cook for 10 minutes
3. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg
4. Bring to boil and then simmer for 30 minutes
5. Sieve and blend until smooth
6. Remove the pan from stove and cool
7. Add beaten egg yolks and cream, stir gently. Do not
8 Gardish with chopped parsley and serve

The text above for question no 19-21
19. How many steps are there to make Mushroom Soup?
      a.  five                                              c.  eight
      b.  seven                                          d.  nine

20. How much pepper do we need to make Mushroom
      a.  one and half teaspoon             c.  a quarter teaspoon
       b.  one teaspoon                           d.  two tablespoon

21. “ …. stir gently” (step 7)
      a.  tenderly                                      c.  kindly
      b.  sweetly                                       d.  nicely

Mung Bean Porridge

- one cup of mung bean                 - ½ teaspoonful of salt
- 4 tablespoonfuls of sugar           - 5 cups of water
1. Wash the mung bean
2. Boil the water
3. Put the mung bean into the boiling water
4. Let the mung bean become tender
5. Add the salt and the sugar
6. Simmer for 30 minutes
7. Now you can serve it

The text above for question no 22-24
22. What is the purpose of the text above?
      a. to explain about mung bean porridge
      b.  to describe about mung bean porridge
      c.  to tell what mung bean porridge
      d.  to show how to make mung bean porridge

23. What is the first step to make mung bean porridge?
      a.  boil the water
      b.  wash the mung bean
      c.  add the salt and sugar
      d.  let the mung bean become tender

24. “Let the mung bean become tender
      The underlined word means …
      a.  very good                           c.  smooth
      b.  very difficult to chop        d.  very good taste and smell

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